Current Projects

Lazy Fair

My friend and former Falawful teammate Ed invited me to play with this great group of humans!


Past Projects


I've been so lucky to meet multiple groups of people with whom I've been able to work creatively. Falawful is my independent improv group, which started performing during/after we finished Level 3 of improv at the PIT. Maybe I'll start putting up our shows here at some point, but for now, you can check us out here.


She Blinded Me With Science – Armory Team

In June, I also made a team in this program! Double the excitement! We've been practicing but haven't quite had our first show. These shows are always on Friday nights at 11pm, but again, not every Friday so check out the schedule.


Weird Silence



Blossom – 10,000 Hours Team

In June, I made a 10,000 Hours team, which was really exciting and encouraging. It's still relatively new, but in the meantime, I've gotten to rehearse and perform a show with my new teammates. 10,000 Hours shows re always on Sunday at 6:30pm, though we don't perform every weekend. Check out the schedule for specific dates!


The Chupacabra Conspiracy

"Hey, didn't I already see this group on the sketch comedy page?"


Yes. Yes you did. We do improv, too! 



This isn't my project, per se. It's my good friend, Wes's, and I've had the privilege of being involved. We've been doing what I feel like I've seen referred to as "improvised sketch" in which the only thing that's really known is a general concept, structure, or game. The dialogue is all improvised, and some people have referred to it as "improvised NPR." You can find episodes here.



Improv – Level 5

The People's Improv Theater
Ali Farahnakian
November 2015 - January 2015


Improv – Level 2

The People's Improv Theater
Chris Roberti
May 2015 - June 2015


Improv – Level 4

The People's Improv Theater
Chris Roberti
September 2015 - November 2015


Improv – Level 1

The People's Improv Theater
Erick Hellwig
January 2015 - April 2015


Improv – Level 3

The People's Improv Theater
Chris Roberti
July 2015 - September 2015


Improv – Beginner

Chicago City Limits
Joe DeGise II
Winter 2009 - Spring 2010


Improv – Advanced

Chicago City Limits
Joe DeGise II/Greg Triggs
Summer 2009 - Winter 2011


Improv – Advanced

Chicago City Limits
Joe DeGise II
Summer 2013